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Welcome to Diamond Branding Company

Diamond Trading Consulting Company using its commercial, commercial and corporate services, financial services, business services and international law services and business consultants, its businessmen and partners.

Using free consulting services, you can offer special goods, consumers and importers of special goods by using free consulting services.

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Our work areas

We specialize in Exports, Imports, Gulf Countries, Central Asia, Far East, Europe, Africa and South America. announce.

  • Oil, gas, petrochemicals and related industries
  • Food and Related Industries
  • Metal, non-metallic and mining industries and related industries
  • All goods with value and customer

In addition to working in various fields of export and import in the field of automotive tuning parts and equipment, Diamond Diamond is working with various brands of the automotive industry and automotive parts to be ready to register with major and partial dealers in this field.

  • Supply of engine parts for different brands of automotive industry
  • Supply of different parts of different brands of automotive industry
  • Supply of car tuning parts and equipment in general and in part
  • Vehicle order registration and import and export in this field

Collection and clearance team due to long experience and strong communication and experience of experienced experts In addition to clearance and warehousing, freight forwarding dear merchants and merchants with the cooperation of reputable companies provides the following services.

  • International shipping of goods from all over the world and clearance operations
  • Advice on loading and unloading goods from the source
  • Strip and Stuffing and Container Shipping to Announcements
  • Offering customs clearance, loading and warehousing services

In addition to specialized negotiation with your contractor to select the least risky payment method possible, Diamond is in full control of a variety of payment systems including currency transfer via SWIFT, banking, cash, payment, username, LC and western union. Dear colleagues, at your service.

  • Intermediary payment method selection by contract
  • Guaranteed origin and destination companies for commodity exchanges and payment of funds
  • Support businessmen and companies based on political and economic situation
  • Depositing and receiving legal funds between the buyer and seller of goods and services

Buyers and sellers who want to import and export goods can benefit from Diamond’s knowledge and experience. Also, all manufacturers can benefit from our service if they are looking for the target market in the world for their product.

  • Advice on trade and customs according to the latest laws and regulations of countries
  • Estimating and declaring all shipping and clearing costs (based on value of goods, legal fees, etc.)
  • Valid contract based on pre-invoice and information provided to calculate costs
  • Branding and marketing of manufactured and exported goods to esteemed manufacturers and traders

Our work arias

Get to know our department

ما همیشه تغییراتی که در دو سال آینده اتفاق خواهد افتاد را بیش از حد بزرگ می کنیم و تغییراتی که در ده سال آینده رخ خواهد داد را نادیده می گیریم.

  • بیل گیتس
  • موسس شرکت مایکروسافت

اگر آدم ها را استخدام کنی فقط بخاطر اینکه می توانند کاری را انجام دهند، آن ها برای پول تو کار خواهند کرد. ولی اگر آدم هایی را استخدام کنی که چیزی که تو باور داری را باور دارند، آن ها با خون و عرق و اشک برایت کار خواهند کرد.

  • سایمون سینک
  • نویسنده و سخنران

کمپانی های عالی بر اساس محصولات عالی ساخته شده اند.

  • ایلان ماسک
  • بنیان گذار تسلاموتورز، پی پال، اسپیس اکس

قیمت به ندرت مهمترین چیز است. ممکن است تعدادی از محصولی ارزان فروخته شود. یک نفر آن را می خرد و هنگام پرداخت پول احساس خوبی دارد، ولی وقتی آن را به خانه می برد و استفاده می کند، لذتش تمام می شود.

  • تیم کوک
  • مدیرعامل اپل
بیل گیتس
سایمون سینک
ایلان ماسک
تیم کوک

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